13 000* people affected by cancer have made the YES!APP the largest digital self-help group in Germany.

The YES!APP helps cancer patients and their relatives exchange information with other cancer patients anytime and anywhere. 

The YES!APP enables safe dialogue, exchange of information and experience, aiming to help people help themselves.

In addition, the YES!APP offers a direct line to specialists and cancer experts from our large network every Thursday, as well as the daily hotline of YES!COACHES, who are specially trained health experts. 

Fast, direct, effective and person-to-person.

The YES!APP offers exchange, help and information in a protected, digital space. Yeswecan!cer handles your data responsibly. Your details, chats and calls will not be communicated to third parties. We only use hosting services within the European Economic Area and also insist on strict data protection rules with our partners.

All offers from yeswecan!cer are free of charge. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the YES!APP?
Norman „Appman“ Roßberg is here for you: 


The YES!APP is a protected space for all your questions.

Download FREE OF CHARGE now and get started!


Whether you’re a patient or a family member – you’re in the right place!
You can tell your personal story and share it with the YES!Community on your user profile.
Or you can use the status to tell your friends and acquaintances about current developments.
With us, you’re not just a number, you’re a person with a story. Share your story with us!


In Germany’s largest cancer community, you can easily find people affected by cancer and their relatives. Every day, the app suggests interesting users with whom you can share your story. Thanks to our filters, you can also easily search for specific types of cancer or people in your area. Try it out! Everyone’s welcome in the YES!Community.


Meet people nearby with the same cancer and share your experiences. Make friends. Use the app to find common ground or just talk about your concerns and everyday life.


The right support group may not always be available near you, or you may not be able to travel long distances. You can create your own group in the YES!APP or join an existing one. Find other people with the same disease and benefit from mutual support.


Do you have personal questions, is something on your mind, or do you just want to talk? Our YES!COACHES are there for you! These specially trained health experts are happy to help you with your concerns and problems. Personally and directly by phone call or via chat in the YES!APP.


The YES!APP is supported by an interdisciplinary advisory board of recognised cancer experts. Our experts have their own groups where they answer questions, for example in the areas of blood cancer, gynaecological oncology or palliative medicine.

We also organise weekly CALL-INs with our experts. The CALL-INs offer you first-hand information. And you can ask our experts questions in livestreams. It’s easy in the YES!APP, via Facebook or by email.


Whether its in CALL-INs, groups, chats or with a YES!COACH – the YES!APP navigation menu means you’re only one click away from our main features. So you can easily find what you’re looking for.

The YES!APP handles your data responsibly: Your details, chats and calls are not shared with third parties and are stored on German servers.